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Dreadcorner intl. aims at promoting any kind of creativity that is inspired by the most varied music flows. Its afro-rhythmic vision is linked to the African roots, but also and foremost to its subsequent half-breed forms. You only need to think of the evolutions brought by the unavoidable cultural and technical contaminations from the Western world.

We specially care about our roots and culture which are embodied by the symbol of the Lion of Judah under the Coptic and Ethiopian effigies that had been flourished in the simultaneously hedonic and infernal Jamaica. This island boasts its leading-position for the amount of music production, compared to the demographic density. Additionally, it has been the bosom of varied music flows over time, ceaselessly committing to experimental research and seeking for the cutting-edge in the field. It has always been a technical, mystic, and philosophical research.

Dreadcorner’s gaze runs beyond any kind of fence and intolerance, fostering the unity with the spirit of “I’n’I”, and the one of thoughts, humans, cultures, traditions, and genres.
From “Kool Herk”, to “Jdilla”, from “Public Enemy” to “Notorious Big”, from Jamaica to the “federal country” a highly contagious disease has been spreading all around: the Hip Hop. It is the voice of voiceless people, it is a means of emancipation and empowerment, it is a cure for both soul and body.
It was once again from Jamaica that, thanks to Lee Perry’s ascetic guesses and to King Tubby’s rhythmic and propulsive inroads, Dub was born. It has changed the path of analogic, electronic, and digital music flows forever. This new language arose and it marked a permanent shift in the new music production techniques. All that and more constitutes the basis of this website.

The Sound System, having flourished from the ground as they were roots and blossomed in the economic poverty as they were a black rose in the ghetto, were born from the spiritual richness of a population and a cultural mongrelisation. This population has always been aware of having fought head-on in its battles; of constantly being ready to move on to begin again with the spontaneous strength of the ones that has reached higher levels of awareness through the music, spreading hertz vibes in the endless galaxies.

The new evolutions of the “Bass Culture”, like the “Digital Steppa” and the “Trap”, are blended together in the musical pot of the postcontemporary alchemist and play a crucial role in our philosophy. It is with this spirit that Dreadcorner lives its mission, steadily seeking for connections with the Universe.
Every project will be examined and greeted, every positive vibration will be interpreted as a present of the Most High. The final goal is to create a network that could be a happy island in this paved jungle, triggering any kind of spiritual creative manifestation that is a step of the evolutionary development, both personal and collective.

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